Thursday, November 8, 2007


The crime in Brazil is one of the most important topics in this country, specially, if you are a tourist. Crime troughout Brazil has reached very hich levels, Brazil’s murder rate is more than four times higher than that of the U.S. Rates for other crimes are similarly high; “In 1992 Brazil's homicide rate of 37.5 per 100,000 residents surpassed that of the United States, with 22.76 per 100,000. Rio de Janeiro registered 4,253 murders in 1993, up from 3,545 in 1992. Rio de Janeiro had seventy-two murders per 100,000 residents in 1993, compared with thirty per 100,000 in New York City. Meanwhile, Rio de Janeiro State spending on security dropped from 15 percent of the state budget in 1984 to 8 percent in 1994.”. I am going to give you some information about how the crime can affect you if you are a brazilian tourist, and, if the crime can be the reason for not going to visit this country.

Nowadays, street crime remains a problem for tourist and brazilian people, but I have to said that the tourists are the best targets of crime, mainly because they are not prevented about the robbery, and the people who attack them take advantage for the situation. The highest level of crime in Brazil are Rio De Janeiro, Salvador and Recife. Brazil presents high levels of street crime, roadside robberies, “quicknapping” outside of banks and ATM machines and when the Travelers using personal ATMs or credit cards sometimes receive billing statements with non-authorized charges after returning from a visit to Brazil; the incidence of crime against tourists is greater in areas surrounding beaches, hotels, discotheques, bars, nightclubs, and other similar establishments, this type of crime is especially prevalent during Carnaval (Brazilian Mardi Gras), but takes place throughout the year.

On the other hand, Brazil have a lot of police men at the expense of your protection, and understanding the situation, several Brazilian cities have established specialized tourist police units to patrol areas frequented by tourists; this patrols, are specially trained for Protect the tourists and recover stolen properties, but obviously with limitations. Another thing that you have to think, is that Brazil have a lot of places and atracttive things to do, and obviously, you can visit this sites, only if you go to this country, so… what can you do for visit this glittering country and to be sure???...that depends of you!

In conclusión, you have to put in a scale the positive (that are the majority) and negative things (the crime?) that you can find in Brazil, and choice the best option. It is clear, that Brazil has a high level of crime (specified in the statistics), but if you want to enjoy a wonderful country, and you are available to instruct yourself about the danger and how to avoid it, is easy for you to know, that you can enjoy the most atracttive things in Brazil and Protect yourself with caution.

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